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Technology has revolutionised production, and bespoke jewellery is no different. One of the most powerful tools available is Computer Aided Design (CAD), used to produce a detailed and accurate three-dimensional design. Taking the time to perfect designs using CAD helps AEL Diamonds produce near perfect models, to present back to clients. The ability to see a virtual model, and at various angles, really helps with perfecting the design. With the ability to amend and tweak designs until you are absolute satisfied, the client is left with full control over the process and final approval.

The finalised design is then carefully crafted into a wax model, which will be used in the delicate casting process, an age old process perfected and refined by experts and jewellers like AEL Diamonds. Understanding how to work the wide range of precious metals like platinum, titanium and gold is vital during the casting process. Taking this rough, unfinished item and producing the final exquisite piece is where a true craftsmen’s work begins.

A wealth of knowledge and experience in jewellery crafting, predominately passed down from generation to generation, ensures highly skilled craftsmen are a rare breed. Very few have a complete mastery and confidence in working with precious stones, gems and metals, each unique as each other.

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