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Flawless, radiant skin is on every brides wish list but most don’t know where to start with a skincare routine. Building a quick yet effective skincare routine can be quite simple if you know how and we’re here to help. All you need is a bespoke routine made up of a few products perfect for your skin type & concerns. We can help you build a tailor made routine but you’ll also need the will power to keep it up in the lead up to your wedding.

The first and, in my opinion, most important step of any good skincare routine is to cleanse. It is so important to get rid of all the grime and dirt from your skin before applying any products. Cleansing all the dirt and impurities from your skin helps maintain healthy, clear, radiant skin. It prevents dead skin build up and clears debris from your pores avoiding congestion and breakouts. Products applied after a good cleanse are more readily absorbed and thus more effective. The cleanser you choose is very important and must be right for your skin type. Soaps are a big no no and foaming cleansers can feel a little drying so are best for oilier skin types. Oil/balm/cream cleansers are probably most comfortable for drier skins whilst combination skins should look for balancing cleansers. Sensitive skins should always look for gentle, natural cleansers that won’t cause irritation.

Cleansing also includes regular exfoliation; at least twice a week. Skin can be exfoliated using facial scrubs or liquid exfoliants at home. Whichever works better for you, the aim is to rid the surface of the skin of any dead skin build up. This not only helps the regeneration of your skin but also helps keep it looking even, smooth and bright.

The most basic of skincare routines is traditionally 3 steps: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise. However the subject of toning has come under debate- most dermatologists today will tell you toners aren’t an essential step of a good skincare routine. They are most beneficial for oily or acne prone skin types since they remove every last trace of excess oil and dirt from the skin. They can also be an extra and final cleanse after wearing heavy makeup. However, normal/drier skin types should be sure to use alcohol free toners. I prefer to replace toning with another step, essential for brides to be and I call it ‘Treat’. With all the fabulous products on the market, namely serums  and oils, you cant possibly deny your skin a little treat. The right serum can give your skin a much needed boost on its way to flawless and radiant. The ‘treat’ step comes after toning (if using toner) and before moisturising.

Picking the right moisturiser is very important to the health and look of your skin. There are a few essentials that should always be followed no matter what your skin type. Always protect your skin from damage and premature ageing by wearing a moisturiser with SPF (or a separate product with SPF). SPF should be worn all year round and I would recommend a minimum of SPF 15 to be worn at all times. A higher SPF should be worn in the summer, when on holiday or spending more time in the sun whilst a low/no SPF should be worn in evenings especially when being photographed as SPF can cause a flashback in photographs giving you a ‘white face’.

Skin needs to be fed and watered twice a day to look and feel its best. This is why you need a moisturiser that delivers anti-oxidants, nutrients and hydration that gets to work supporting it 24/7. If you have sensitive skin, look out for fragrance-free and oil-free options. For oilier faces, keep your eyes peeled for noncomedogenic (non-clogging) formulas. For normal skin, you’ll want to choose a non-greasy, water-based variety whilst heavier oil-based products suit drier skin that feels dry and taut after washing. Protect your skin, support its regeneration and quench its thirst.

Get your skincare routine right and the results will speak for themselves. Follow my blog Fabublush for more beauty news and advice.

Preeti Chotai, Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert


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