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With all the hard work and effort put into the entire wedding, it is vital that it is captured for you to relive and enjoy after it is all said and done. It can be such a difficult decision to make, with the sheer number of choices, and confusing information and advice out there. This is why we decided to give you a few key conversational points you should be asking yourself when selecting your photographer.

A relaxed and comfortable couple, amidst all the action and fun in a wedding is the key to capturing great images. As you’ll be spending the majority of time around your photographers during the wedding, they need to be someone who you get along with, who understands you, and above everything else, who you are comfortable with capturing your most treasured and intimate moments of the big day. Finding a photographer who you are at ease with, and can trust is one of the biggest factors you need to consider. This is why you should try and arrange to meet as many different photographers as you can. Ensure both of you are present, so that you both can gain a sense of their personality and to see if both of you can work with them.

” Photography is an art form above anything else “

Photography is an art form above anything else, and so there is no process to finding the right photographer. The subjective nature of photography means you must look at the styles different photographers offer, and find one that you like.

Buzzwords like natural, reportage are often used, but it’s really down to the work presented before you. Asking questions about how they capture images & their thought process will often uncover their style of capturing. Style is something personal, and so we suggest that you think about the kind of images you like as a starting point.

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