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It is often mentioned that teams of photographers are needed for the best coverage. This is simply not the case. It is true that with certain styles of photography, a second photographer often does capture natural images of interactions and reactions of guests. Usually you will find that the main photographer will focus on the bride and groom, and the immediate action, while a secondary photographer will help capture events away from the main stage. It is also not uncommon for photographer to bring assistants to help set up lighting, and position the couple when it is time for your shoot away from the guests.

The great misconception that separate photography and film companies cannot work together is not true. Professionals from both fields are hired to do their best job for the couple, and so it is in their best interest to work together and cooperate. Most are very accommodating and will work with each other to ensure they are capturing what they both need to.

” Make sure you meet the photographer who is actually going to be capturing your events “

With this is mind, make sure that you are viewing work which has previously been captured by the photographer you are going to choose. Photographers showcase their best work to excite couples at the prospect of having their wedding images created in a similar way. The reality is that you must make sure you meet the photographer who is actually going to be capturing your events and see their work before deciding.

It is also important to ask photographers to show you an entire album or wedding images. By this we mean an actual clients’ images from their wedding. Having a look into how a real life wedding has been captured and presented to the couple, will give you the best idea of how your wedding images could potentially look. Facebook and online images may look great, but can be misleading due to their digital format. Actually seeing images printed with an album, or the high-resolution files will show how it will look.

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