Our 2nd part of choosing your decor supplier takes a closer look at some key questions, along with hints and tips.


The sheer choice of suppliers out there can be completely overwhelming. But remember you don’t always have to choose one supplier.  Creating your own personalised dream team of decor suppliers can help get the best elements from each supplier. The only downfall of this is that it can be a rather difficult option to manage and co-ordinate. The nature of weddings, especially Asian weddings is that it is an evolving project. Twists and turns in decisions and ideas are common, more so with decor. This is why communication of ideas and changes in a coherent, concise and efficient manor is vital to ensure no element is overlooked. Wedding co-ordinators are a great option when considering multiple decor suppliers. Their ability to understand, communicate and pull together various suppliers onto a single focused project, can help take the major stresses and strains away from a wedding. They may be able to better negotiate rates with different suppliers to lower your costs.

TIP: Plan with your suppliers what time each element of your wedding will be put up on your wedding day, so that they don’t get in each others way.

Alternatively choose a single decor company to supply all the elements needed across all your events. This can help with co-ordinating events, and also help with the negotiation of costs. If you are able to find a single supplier who can take care of all the elements and meet your requirements, it makes perfect sense to go with them. In todays wedding market, suppliers are all aware of one another, and it is common practice for suppliers to hire elements from one another. It would be rather impossible for a single supplier to have every single item and equipment needed for every wedding.

TIP: Create mood boards and spread sheets for each event so that the supplier is able to understand what you envisage for each event. 

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