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For all the bookworms out there, what better way to incorporate your love for words than with confetti made from your favourite Shakespeare play or Jane Austen novel? If comic books are your thing, when why not celebrate your mutual love for them? Etsy is the place to go for competitive prices and a range of sellers who offer book confetti, which will add a sweet and unique touch to your wedding day. Scatter on tables or give to guests to throw as you make your entrance as husband and wife!


If you love art, then why not hire a live wedding painter to capture your special day? Placed strategically during your ceremony, work together beforehand to determine which elements you want reflected in the finished piece. Starting with the setting of your wedding, live wedding painters will slowly build up their canvas as guests arrive and nuptials get underway. What youíll have at the end of the day is a one of a kind masterpiece that no one else owns.


We love the idea of involving guests. After all, who wants an audience that are mere spectators? Get them all involved by having them impart some of their wisdom for a happy married life ñ even kids can take part their one of a kind gems. Have a set of pens and advice cards already placed on tables where guests can note down a few words and have them place them in a jar, which can easily be apart of the overall table setting. Collect them and have a read through together once all the festivities are over.

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Scatter Book Confetti: Not On The High Street ‎

Live Wedding Painter: Events Illustration – Sarah Godsill ‎

Photography: Sanjay D Gohil Photography

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