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When we think of Asian weddings we imagine carefully choreographed dances to entertain guests and get people into the party mood. Give your family and friends another mode of entertainment by hiring a photo booth with props that they can use to pull their most glamorous poses. Itís a great idea that gives them their own personal momentums to take home and cherish for years to come. The Photo Emporium offers three fabulous options; the classic photobooth, a vintage pop-up photographic studio and an airstream where you get your photos taken at one end and sit in comfort whilst theyíre printed on the other end.


There is nothing worst than running around making sure guests have a slice of your wedding cake as theyíre leaving. Take the stress out of this by having to go boxes ready ahead of time. You can find some incredible to-go boxes on Etsy, or if youíre hiring a wedding planner, have them source boxes that stay in line with your wedding theme. Either have guests take one upon leaving your wedding or have them already set on tables for ease and convenience.


Sometimes itís not always possible or easy to incorporate sentimental elements into your wedding. So why not use your bouquet as a tool to either pin a photo of that family member who is no longer here, or wrap that scarf that has been passed down through generations around your bouquet. This way you can step into this new chapter happy that nothing has been missed out.

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