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While traditional bouquets, made with natural flowers, have always been a popular choice for brides, they now have new competition. An era in the form of jewel bouquets has arrived. While it may not win the hearts of all Asian brides, this up and coming style of bouquet is certainly catching the attention of many.

These bespoke bouquets are made from a clever combination of wire, ribbon, luxury silk flowers and delicate jewellery. There is no need to worry about the availability of the flower you desire with these bouquets. Where natural flowers wilt and die according to the environment it is stored, your jewel bouquet will stand the test of time and will always look beautiful.

” The design possibilities are endless and each bouquet crafted for a bride is remarkable “

The creators will consult throughout with the bride to create a bouquet that reflects her individual style and preference. Handcrafted and decorated with silk flowers, jewels, gems, pearls, crystals and rhinestones, these bouquets will definitely match the grandness of any bride’s wedding jewellery.

Fast becoming a popular choice for the modern wedding, these charming bouquets are custom-made to compliment all aspects of the wedding, from the bridal jewellery, wedding colour schemes, floral centrepieces and reception room décor. The addition of jewellery provides a unique twist to the traditional floral bouquet but the creativity does not end there. It is a pleasant surprise to see jewelled brooches often used in the designs, to add an element of glamour and enhance the beauty of the bride holding the bouquet. The design possibilities are endless and each bouquet crafted for a bride is remarkable.

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