There is plenty of opportunity to experiment with different colours and jewellery, until you are presented with a bouquet that best reflects you. Whether you choose a simple and understated design for your bouquet, or opt for something more elaborate and busy, these stunning bouquets are indeed beautiful. With breath-taking designs showcased as individual masterpieces, you can be confident in knowing that your jewelled bouquet is an original piece designed especially for you.

It is good to consider the weight of these bouquets which, although are still delicate, are certainly heavier than a floral bouquet. These precious pieces require careful handling and storage when not in use. However, this leads onto another benefit of choosing a jewelled bouquet; the bride can keep it as an everlasting keepsake of her wedding day.

This kind of bouquet will certainly be perfect for any Asian bride. She will be the centre of attention at her wedding and these show-stopping pieces will add to her elegance.

” The bouquet is a perfect accessory that allows the bride with freedom to establish her individuality “

While jewelled bouquets are the latest trend, do not feel pressured to follow if you have a preference to natural flowers. While they present a modern alternative to the tradition, jewelled bouquets may not suit the tastes of every Asian bride. There is an element of freedom, particularly in the design and availability of colours used, but the simple fresh flower bouquet will always appeal to the bride who feels more comfortable with tradition.

The bouquet is a perfect accessory that allows the bride with freedom to establish her individuality, whether she opts for natural or jewelled bouquets.

While there has been an evolution of some sort, trends are always changing and the traditional floral bouquet will continue to be a timeless choice.

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