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We explore the creative and practical aspects of wedding logos with Vaishali from Ananya, a forthright expert in wedding stationery & its trends.

Every couple wants their wedding to be unique, to set it apart from other weddings and be talked about long after it is over. In order to achieve this, a couple needs to let their individuality and identity shine forth. While there are various ways to make this happen, one of the most versatile and distinct ways is to use a logo in the form of a monogram.


Embraced by the world of luxurious fashion as a symbol of quality and distinction, the monogram has become a hot trend in wedding stationery. Having a monogram on your wedding stationery is a way to personalise and give that extra touch of individuality and elegance to your invitations.

The beauty of a monogram is that it can be adapted for use in a variety of ways to suit a couple’s requirements, while remaining unique to them.

As soon a couple becomes engaged, they can have a monogram designed. Starting with the save the date and invitation card, the monogram will set the tone of the wedding. While the colour scheme can change through the suite of wedding stationery, the monogram can be creatively interwoven, giving continuity and harmony to the various items of stationery.

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