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What made your Active Image stand out?

Active Image stood out as it is a family business which appealed to us. They helped tailor a package that suited our needs and were very easy going to work with which helped immensely, as the wedding process as we all know are chaotic and can be stressful.

How did Active Image approach your special day?

Active Image first briefed us as to what normally happens and the kind of photos they would normally take or require from each event. They requested timings which we tabulated with the relevant contact details for the suppliers attending on the day and key family members they needed to contact as both Jayen and I would be busy. We both also expressed how we foresaw events to unfold and the logistics of family photos and providing a photo list etc.

On the day itself Active Image were very professional and communication was always key so Jayen and I both knew when to hold a pose for longer, where to look and position ourselves so the photographers could get the shots that were required/desired. As Active Image had built a good rapport with family members, co-ordination of the group photos went smoothly.

Did your suppliers meet your expectations on the day? 

We both found that all our suppliers met, if anything they exceeded, our expectations on the day which is a true testament to each of the suppliers we chose. All the comments we received from friends and family members that attended the various wedding events were positive, and we would happily recommend the same suppliers to other couples for their big day.

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Photography: Active Image

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