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Favourite moment from the wedding?

I thoroughly enjoyed the photoshoot after the wedding ceremony and family photos were over. It was a beautiful summers day on our wedding day and the photographers were able to capture some great outdoor shots of us both in our amazing wedding outfits. The photographers had great ideas for shots and poses which we were open to.

If you could do it all again, what would you change and why?

I think it would be fair to say neither of us would change a thing and would do it exactly the same. I guess we were very lucky that everything fell into place and some of which is partly down to careful planning and our chosen suppliers which we trusted.

Your top three tips to a couple planning a wedding?

1.  Set your wedding date and get a rough idea of numbers.

2. Set up a spreadsheet with a breakdown of your rough wedding budget. Constantly keep reviewing it and adding the true costs to items as you go, it was a definite god-send to keep track of everything and foresee any issues that may arise.

3.  Compromise!  It will be understandable that both bride and groom will have their own ideas of how they imagine their wedding day to be. It is best that both discuss it beforehand and come to a compromise that suits both. Ultimately remember it is both of your big days, make sure it is what you both want.

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