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How did you meet?

Jitin and I, have known each other for exactly 11 years to date. Funny story he use to do my parents phone contract, I was a very mischievous teenager growing up, and “run up” high phone bills. So to Jitin at that time I was portrayed as a bit of a spoilt child. Time passed, and I grew older I believe it was my 18th birthday and he was dj’in at club barracuda, we glanced at each other and he was shocked I guess. His exact words “wow your all grown up”  one thing led to another and here we are today.

Where did your planning journey begin?

Our wedding journey began back in December of 2015 when Jitin proposed to me on Balaclava beach in Mauritius. Was definitely a magical moment. It was such a sensational moment, my family are actually from Mauritius so I was able to share them special moments with people that I care about and it was just such an awesome moment. The location the ring the moment was breathtaking, he did very well. Jitin had a difficult time hiding the ring from me, he had put the ring in hand luggage, and he was stopped and his bag was searched. So of course he has to distract me, the best way to do so is to make me go and buy him a fragrance was one of the funniest days ever. Could’ve been the day I found out.

How did you go about choosing the right suppliers??

Luckily Jitin is in the DJ industry so he knew some of the vendors. Most of them have been quite close friends to us. As they know us they are able to determine our likes and dislikes which makes them easier to work with. They are all equally highly recognised and recommended. I never had any problems with any of the vendors and it was a pleasure working with them. Their work was very professional and exquisite. The feedback we received from family and friends, said to me that our wedding was by far one of the best, my vendors were able to tailor to every need.  Rohita played a big part in co ordinating our vendors and helping us choose them.

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Wedding Planner: Rohita Pabla


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