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What made Sanjay Gohil stand out?

Darshna was clear that photos were the most important to her as that is what we’d keep forever and relive our memories through. We looked at photographers online and were immediately captivated by the bright and vibrant shots on Sanjay’s website. Looking through his blogs we saw he’d beautifully captured every moment of the wedding, including the moments that some people may not be paying attention to but moments that would mean so much to the bride and groom. Also we felt Sanjay’s photographs have the ultimate ‘capturing the moment’ factor which is what we didn’t see from anyone else. Having met a few photographers to understand more about their work, Sanjay was a clear favourite from the off. From the initial conversation trying to book the first meeting, we felt completely at ease and like we were talking to a friend as opposed to a supplier who’s “job” it was to speak to us. We visited him at home and he took a real interest in us, how we met, who our family were, where they came from, and the style of photos/wedding we wanted. This level of engagement before we showed any intent on booking, was fantastic. After our meeting we explored a few other photographers but we found ourselves comparing everyone’s work back to Sanjay’s – that’s when we knew for sure, it had to be him!

How did Sanjay Gohil approach your special day?

We had booked a pre-wedding shoot with Sanjay, both to use the photos in our guestbook and also for us to get comfortable in front of the camera.  The day was fantastic, as he gave us an insight into what to expect on the big day, and hints/tips to ensure the perfect photos would be captured.

In the lead up to the big day, he ran through the day plan with us, timings of our individual and joint shoots, and assured us to just enjoy the day as it would naturally come through in the photos.

On the day he made every effort with family and friends, and got involved with the fun! Something that was really amazing on the day was that nothing had to stop for Sanjay to take pictures. Our jam packed day had a natural flow from the registry to the wedding and then to the reception party and Sanjay has amazingly turned every moment throughout the day, into a precious memory that we and our families can look at for years to come!

Did your suppliers meet your expectations on the day?

Whole heartedly, yes!  From the venue themselves, right through to the Pandit, photographer, videographer, make up artists, florists, caterer, décor company and DJ, they were fantastic.  A key benefit was most of these suppliers had worked together before which made coordination on the day much easier.

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Photography: Sanjay D Gohil Photography

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