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Favourite moment from the wedding?

Darshna’s favourite moment was when we sat down at the Reception after our cake cutting. At that point everything we had worked towards for so long had come together perfectly. She was finally Mrs Baxi! And more importantly, now it was the time we could party into the night! For me it’s very difficult to pinpoint one particular moment, but the two that stand out are: the Wedding when I saw Darsh for the first time (stunning!), and the Reception party as the Dhol players performed and I got to dance the night away with my wife, family and friends!

If you could do it all again, what would you change and why?

We would definitely give clearer instructions to a RELIABLE bridesmaid or groomsman to bring us canapes to our room whilst we get ready for the reception! Equally a tip for other couples – worth keeping some snack foods in your room for the day/weekend as you never know when that could come in handy! When our canapes didn’t turn up we kept calling people at the venue to try and have some sent over. We knew dinner would be some time after we made our entrance and had our speeches/first dance and we were really hungry! But Darsh came prepared with her Ba’s theplas and mango pickle!! No one should be hangry on their wedding day!

Your top three tips to a couple planning a wedding??

1. Start your planning early so you can have your choice of everything as there’s no time pressure and you’re “ahead” of other couples. Equally the more you can tick off your list early on, the less pressure you’ll feel as the day nears.

2. Make sure you prioritise on your suppliers. It’s very easy to get drawn in by each supplier and be tempted to go over your budget just a bit on each. Although it may feel like only a little initially, as you do that across multiple suppliers it can add up. Also when you know your top priority in terms of type of supplier, sort that first to avoid disappointment!

3. Make lists and delegate actions. The more you do this, the less stressful planning and the actual day begins. Involve family and friends so a few people have one or two things that they are responsible for, rather than one or two people with everything to do. Also avoid giving the bride & groom parents’ any responsibility on the day as this is their moment too.

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