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Did your suppliers meet your expectations on the day?

The suppliers more than met our expectations! We were amazed by the hard work and dedication of all of our suppliers and how they all worked well together to make the events run smoothly. There was clearly a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes so that we didn’t have to worry and were able to enjoy the wedding.


What made your Active Image stand out?

Many of the photographers seemed to be the same – although they all captured good images, their pictures did not seem to reflect the personality of the couple.  Active Image stood out as being unique, approachable and very friendly. We were impressed by how their work captured the important moments and was very natural.


What made The Krystal Group stand out?

My family had worked with Krystal Events for my sister’s wedding a few years ago and we were impressed by their hard work and professionalism. They also appeared to have come a long way since then and expanded their business. We had developed a good relationship with them and were keen for them to be a part of our wedding.


How did Active Image approach your special day?

Active Image were approachable, flexible and attentive to our needs. They were able to tailor their service to fit in with our many events. They maintained a very strong sense of professionalism despite the many challenges the wedding presented. They were able to develop a good relationship with friends and family so that everyone was comfortable around them.


How did Krystal Events approach your special day?

We used Krystal Events for a variety of services during the wedding including wedding planning, video and décor for home and for the reception. They were very enthusiastic about our wedding and appeared to be keen to work hard to make the wedding extra special. They were professional and maintained good communication throughout the wedding. They were willing to meet at any time to discuss how the planning was going and looked after us very well.


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Photography: Active Image ‎

Event Design & Management: Krystal Group ‎

DJ & Entertainment : Krystal Group ‎

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