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Favourite moment from the wedding?

Ayushman – The Baraat. It was so nice seeing everyone together enjoying themselves before the wedding began and the anticipation of seeing the bride and her family was exciting.

Ruby – Making our entrance to the reception as a newly married couple. It was amazing to see the venue decorated as we had imagined and seeing our hard work come to life. My mum couldn’t be there for the wedding and it was her wish for my family to be lined up and throw confetti on us as we walked in, which happened exactly as planned.

If you could do it all again, what would you change and why?

Ayushman – I would have arranged the accommodation so that family were staying closer together. We had family coming from around the world for the wedding so would have been nice if they were all staying in the same hotel or area.

Ruby – I would have taken more time in the days before the wedding to relax and spend time with the family before the wedding celebrations started. I planned to go for a spa day with my mum but other things got in the way.

Your top three tips to a couple planning a wedding?

1. Start early – once you have dates set then make sure you start planning straight away. It might seem like a long way away but the big day comes before you know it!

2. Be organised – I had a big folder where I kept all of my wedding-related paperwork such as receipts, quotes etc. We also had a spreadsheet to keep track of costs and when payments were due. This saves a lot of stress especially nearer the time when you may need people to pick up things (such as flowers) for you.

3. Don’t get caught up in the detail – prioritise the important things such as getting the venue and catering sorted first. Other things such as make-up artists and photographers get booked up quickly especially in peak season so sort these things out first before worrying about details such as décor and wedding favours.


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