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How did you both meet?

Our story is a ‘high school sweetheart’ story, which started way back in 2006! A mutual friend of ours introduced us and we instantly became great friends. We loved being in each other’s company and found any excuse to hang out! As times moved on, we grew up together. We helped each other get our first part time jobs, went to the same university, graduated, celebrated getting our first professional jobs. It took 9 years of dating Samir for him to get down on one knee and open up the next chapter of our story- marriage!

Where did your wedding planning journey begin?

It was no doubt that the answer was going to be a “Yes”! So as soon as the proposal was done, the real work began! From viewing venues, food tasting, selecting a DJ, wedding outfits and most importantly, the guest list!

At first, we both researched thoroughly to get an idea of what kind of décor themes and outfits we wanted. We both agreed that the wedding ceremony itself would be really authentic as we are both from the Hare Krishna temple and we would have 3 well known priests conduct our ceremony.

How did you go about choosing the right suppliers?

As it was our big day, we wanted perfection at the best price! We both had been waiting for this day for 10 years!

Most of our suppliers were word of mouth. 2016 was a year that many of our friends were also getting married so we all helped each other with recommendations.

The best thing was that we planned what was most important to us and worked our way planning the wedding like this. Our catering, priests, photographer and outfits were most important to us so we sorted this out in advance before moving onto the next tasks.


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