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A wedding is the event of a lifetime. A bride, a groom, and the beautiful day waited since you fell in love.

The morning of your wedding day are all the moments processed of what the day ahead will bring. In all fairness, everything will be on your mind, ‘will it all go as planned, have the flowers arrived, is the venue set?’ However, the most you may be feeling is excitement and nerves of being wed, finally! In that moment, you slip into your wedding dress, your wedding suit and you feel ready and complete.

It’s your day and you’re living it, your dream wedding but most of all for any bride, that dress you have dreamt of since you could spell bride! Yet, it’s not always about the bride, yes, that is correct, the life-changing day is the groom’s day too!

” There Are Rules On How To Dress In Comfort And Look Like Royalty “

A wedding consists of many occasions from all the planning to the real event. As a couple, the key is not to lose focus, planning is everything. There’s no right or wrong, as each individual has their own unique tastes, however there are rules on how to dress in comfort and look like royalty.

There are many forms to start a hunt for what you’re both looking for, but panicking is not the answer. Don’t be fooled by what is expected, as you don’t want to look like every other bride and groom, yet set your own couple goals.

So, positivity is key and so is working together, but careful not to spoil the surprise for one another. The fun starts, when you both play around with ideas and tease the other what you are going for. When it comes to a couple co-ordination, you both want to reflect off each other, building each stage with personality, style and uniqueness. Inspiration is everywhere so work together in what you both want to achieve as an overall look, as well as what your wedding theme, style and the events will display. A bride will never share her ideas but to her closest entourage of bridesmaids and family. Yet, your overall concept of what you both want to achieve needs, to work together.

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