There are three main points to consider, when adjoining two wedding pieces. ACCENTS, BLOCK COLOUR and DETAILING. Following these simple ideas, you can achieve your personal signature styles, and carry them in your couples wardrobe.


Details are key; they create the design into a whole from the thread work to the embellishing. Each design put into the detailing will work well when matching with one another. Not entirely an exact match, but to simply cross match them slightly.  Co-ordinating them with the colours infused together and the accents you have selected, details play an important feature, as it makes up the garment. An overall end look co-ordinating with jewellery/accessories and your beauty look, these details reflect of the design and the masterpiece. Remember to pay Close attention but to also look at the bigger picture.

Explore the endless possibilities of inspiration and creating your bespoke wear. From a huge selection to consider of style, design, colour and theme, you need to be aware of what suits you. Make an appointment with a style consultant or a couture designer to discuss style ideas and try on the different varieties on trend. As an individual, only you know your body type and how you like to dress and what styles may suit you, but don’t be afraid to experiment on what other aesthetics could work. Don’t feel you need to hold back on styles you may love to wear but feel you cannot, there’s always a way. Accentuate what you have and what types of designs you’d like to incorporate. A bride and groom attire are the centre of the wedding, so whatever signature look you have on, will need to suit one another, as well as reflect off the occasion – remember its your day, so break the rules.

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