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Rohit’s first step after the consultation was to take a look at the jewellery and rings his girlfriend has, in order to try and understand her taste. By finding a preference of style and design, AEL Diamonds are better able to channel and focus the design process towards creating the perfect ring. During his second meeting, Rohit started to see exactly why AEL Diamonds are able to craft exquisite jewellery.

“I went back to see the consultant with a clearer idea of what style the ring should be. At this point, we started looking through designs they had already created and built up a selection of rings, which I thought would be perfect. I had taken pictures of jewellery my girlfriend already had and this made the process a lot easier. It became clear that three of the rings I had chosen were great, but there were particular bits I loved from each of them. This is where the consultant was able to advise how these elements could be combined, and the reasons why rings are designed in a certain way. They explained to me how robust the setting for the ring needed to be because most people wear their engagement ring every day. It also needed to be practical and AEL Diamonds advised me to choose the right size precious stone in relation to her hand. After seeing various precious stones from sapphires, rubies and emeralds, I ended up choosing a diamond”.

Diamonds are seen as a timeless classic. In modern jewellery design, diamonds have become the most recognisable and popular precious stone. AEL Diamonds always advise their clients to choose diamonds based upon the four C’s. Take a look at the diagram in the 2nd issue of Maya Magazine, explaining the four key things to consider.

Setting a budget for the ring can be a great starting point, but sometimes it can be rather difficult. Rohit discusses how AEL Diamonds approach setting a budget, and how they help their clients to get exactly what they want without overspending.

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