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Menus are always evolving to suit the times, but food will continue to be one of the most important features of a wedding. Food is highly anticipated by guests as soon as they receive an invite to a wedding. Your guests will expect a selection of dishes made and presented to a high standard, so prepare to spend money on ensuring that everybody has great memories of having indulged in such an exceptional feast.

” While you can play it safe by sticking to the traditional favourites, be brave and experiment “

Catering companies are well accustomed to being creative at prestige events like weddings. Working in competition with others to provide innovative menus that will win your hearts and minds, and certainly impress your guests. If you select the right catering company, your guests will leave your wedding feeling far from underwhelmed.

Take your time to sample prospective menus when making your selection. While you can play it safe by sticking to the traditional favourites, be brave and experiment with alternative recipes. Classic Indian food can easily be revamped with contemporary twists to suit a modern palette. Going for a unique mix of ingredients that will blend well to create a new flavour. Be open to trying something you haven’t tried before. Not only will an experimental dish be intriguing, it will certainly please the eyes and taste buds of your guests.

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