Canapé’s and creative starters are a great choice; building upon traditions, but with a modern influence that can excite your guests. Discuss with catering companies their most popular choices of starters and let that guide you. You will be familiar with traditional dishes served at weddings, but be open to their suggestion of contemporary alternatives.

Consider food as art, a masterpiece that deserves its own show. Creative presentation, along with the method of serving these dishes, must compliment the food in such a way that your guests will be impressed in all aspects. There is no room for error, with modern Asian caterers understanding that service must be equal to the food they create.

” Consult catering companies to provide a menu that captures your preferences “

Presentation is important when selecting your menu. A mix of daring ingredients, vibrant colours and clever arrangement makes the food all the more appealing, and suggests that it will indeed taste as good as it looks.

Catering companies will guide you through their menus and give you an opportunity to have your own input. This is your wedding and it is essential that you love the food that your guests will be eating. Take advantage of the food revolution at weddings and use it as a representation of you. It is advisable that you consult catering companies to provide a menu that captures your preferences, while meeting the expectations of your guests. This may seem like a lot of pressure, but with plenty of research, consulting and planning will ensure that the food does not disappoint on your wedding day.

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