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Choosing the right wedding tie can be a tricky task, so here is a guide to create the perfect and individual wedding and reception look for the groom and groomsmen.


The aim of mixing patterns is to create contrast between the suite, shirt and tie. As a general rule avoid mixing more than two patterns as it could be overkill. You could either choose two totally different patterns, such and polka dot with stripes, or use the same pattern but in different proportions e.g a thin stripe with a thick stripe. If the proportions of the patterns are too close to each other, your overall appearance will look too cluttered. Therefore to create harmony choose a pattern with large spaces and combine with one that is tightly packed.

Another great tip is to vary the orientation of the stripes so a vertical striped shirt can be combined with a horizontal or diagonal striped tie. This helps to differentiate each piece and creates better contrast.

” Create a colour scheme for each event so there is harmony between the bride and groom looks, with the decor scheme “

You could even match a patterned shirt with a plain tie. This is the easiest way to create a sophisticated look. Choose a tie where the least dominant colour in the pattern matches the colour of your shirt. Or go for a safe white shirt option, and combine with any pattern or texture, just ensure your tie is full of character as here your tie will be the statement piece.

By applying these components to your wedding and reception looks, you can showcase your individual style and standout, after all this is your day too. Create a colour scheme for each event so there is harmony between the bride and groom looks, with the decor scheme. This doesn’t necessarily mean having everything the same colour, but try picking one colour that will be incorporated in all the main components of the associated event. E.g If you have chosen blue, incorporate this into your decor by having blue napkins or blue flowers in your centre pieces and compliment this with the bride and groom’s outfits. The bride can wear blue shoes or blue jewellery and the groom can wear a tie with elements of blue in it. This will help to tie the day together in a subtle and tasteful way. You can even get a swatch of the tie fabric before you buy so you can compare it to your colour scheme.

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