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Regardless of how much you may spend on a wedding, from the elegant attire to carefully handpicked flowers for each table, it is all worth nothing without having everyone there to share it with. It’s the people that make an event, all of the other aspects simply add or enhance the occasion; they don’t make it. This is the reason why it’s so important to spend as much time as possible with your guests. Passing comments and small conversations are what make the difference, and can make the guest feel as though they aren’t just another person at the wedding.

” Tear yourself away from the main stage as much as possible and engage with your guests “

Creating open planned reception events where you can easily mingle with guests flowing from one to another makes this easier, and seems less formal. Receptions are the best time to do this with your guests, due to it’s relaxed nature. Sangeet and Mendhi nights, along with other pre-wedding ceremonies are also good opportunities where you can spend time with your guest. The wedding day itself can be much more restrictive due to the ceremonies as well as being on stag. Once the main ceremonies are over, try and tear yourself away from the main stage as much as possible and engage with your guests. After the big day has passed, perhaps organising a meal or event, is a great opportunity to engage and share their best wishes with you.

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