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Each religion carries out different wedding rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation. These are an important part of the wedding ceremony. But, lets be honest, we don’t always know why we have to do the things we do. The meaning and purpose of these rituals has either been lost or misunderstood, or maybe you just didn’t need to pay attention… until now.

We want to help you to understand the meaning of your wedding, so that you can enjoy the ceremony better.

For this Issue we’re exploring the Hindu wedding. But download the next issue that explains everything you need to know about a Sikh Wedding.




Pitthi is a smooth yellow paste made of turmeric, chickpea flour and rose water. Family, friends and well-wishers take this opportunity to literally smother this paste all over your skin to wish you good luck. This paste brightens, softens, evens out the skin tone and leaves your skin soft and glowing in preparation for your wedding day.


The wedding kicks off with the Baraat (The groom’s procession). Usually led by professional dhol (large bass drum) players and dancing family and friends. This is when you can witness close ones of all ages showing off their best dance moves.

The Baraat is met by the bride’s family at the entrance to the wedding venue, symbolizing the happiness of the Groom’s family has in accepting the bride as a part of their family. The mother of the bride will then greet the groom with a welcoming ritual, and the bride’s family escorts the groom to the mandap (a four poster altar where the ceremony is performed). The mandap represents the beautiful home that the bride and groom will make together as one.

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