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So your getting married and after speaking to family members and Granthi, you still don’t understand whats happening in the Sikh wedding ceremony!! Well hopefully this article will help. Sikh weddings are a very religious event and in this article we try and explain what it all means.


ROKA means ‘to stop’ the search for a partner, as the perfect match has been found! Both your families will meet up and a TAKA (date setting) is organised for the engagement and wedding, so have your diaries ready!

KURMAI is the informal engagement, where the the groom presents the bride with the engagement ring, and the brides family gifts a Kara (metal bangle), Kripan (small sword) and a red scalf to the groom. This symbolises the approval of the brides family, and to declare to family and friends that he is now their son-in-law.  After this ceremony you have the blessing from both families to court in public, although your dates will probably end up being about wedding planning.

CHUNNI CHADANA is the more formal engagement, where most of the focus is on the bride!! The groom’s mother will gift a red outfit to the bride, and lay the chunni (scalf) of that outfit on the bride’s head, symbolising the love and honour of the family in accepting her as their daughter in-law. Chachis (aunts) and cousins of the groom may also dress the bride up with make-up, jewellery and mehndi to represent that she is part of their family and to show that they will help her when ever she needs it. Sweets (normally ladoos) are often exchanged symbolising blessings from family members. Just prepare to be stuffed!!


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