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A man at his wedding is a king, and it is important his choice of clothing is a true reflection of this. Do not be afraid to experiment with elaborate designs and colours, perhaps choose accessories like a tie to match the wedding themes. A plain suit jacket pairs nicely with a bright tie to match the bride’s dress, or perhaps you will prefer a gold embroidered jacket that will match her jewellery. Attention to detail is important when selecting an outfit that is in harmony with that of your bride.

Ties, bow ties or no ties at all; the options are endless and your selection must compliment the whole attire. Match your choice up with your desired suit jacket. It all goes hand in hand if you want to make that grand impact on your special day.

” Do not shy away from bright colours as these really can enhance a formal look

For a smart look that you can rely on, black, greys and blues are great colours to choose for a suit. Be open to ideas and explore different designs in suit jackets and trousers, even pinstriped trousers can bring something new to more traditional look.

Contrasting colours in the selection of your trousers can make a real statement. Do not shy away from bright colours as these really can enhance a formal look. Be bold by adding some old school turn ups to the bottom of your trousers. Think outside the box; customise your look and make alterations that best represent your personality.

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